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Author Topic: Sunday roast beef  (Read 91 times)

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Sunday roast beef
« on: November 16, 2020, 02:53:48 PM »
I was at Sam's club Saturday morning and ran across a beautiful roast just begging to be smoked then seared at 600+ temp on the SRG.

I trimed the roast then placed it in a gal size bag with 1 can beef broth, 1/4 can water and 2 tsp's garlic powder

Let it sit over night turning every few hours.  Removed and dried, rubbed with oil & added a little salt, pepper and just a little more garlic powder and a little rosemary. 

Placed in my homebuilt SRG pellet grill and smoked till IT of 135 was reached, then placed on another SRG that had been warming up to a temp of 600+.   

Once the roast has a good sear I placed in a pan with the brine I used to before (after I boiled it and strained it) plus one more can of beef broth so I could make Au Jus.

let it sit on top of the SRG grate for 45 mins then removed to slice up for sammies!