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Author Topic: Low Carb Pita bread, can it be done?? YES!  (Read 1323 times)

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Low Carb Pita bread, can it be done?? YES!
« on: February 26, 2019, 09:30:07 PM »
The recipe is..

1/2 cup Almond flour
1/8 Tbs VWG
1/8  Tbs Starter
1/8 tsp yeast (dry)
2 oz HOT water
1 tsp oil (i used coconut oil)
3 Tbs flour (used 2 in the mix and one to powder to dough balls when flatting out)

After mixing dry ingredents add the hot water mix well and let sit min of 10 mins before working. This gives the almond time to hydrate

Kneed dough for a few mins and try to get air into the mix then let rise for 2 hrs, after 2 hr rise cut into 3 dough balls and let rise again for 10 mins or so. 

Flaten into round pita shape about 1/4 in thick and cook using a VERY hot iron skilet with just a little bit of oil,  keep flipping so it wont burn.   Your done when both sides are brown and there is a little rise to the bread.  let cool and enjoy 

Now I believe the secret to making this one is time.  Time for the dough to rise before and after you flaten them out before cooking  OH yes HIGH HEAT!! :D :D