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Author Topic: G Hughes Smokehouse BBQ Sauce  (Read 1665 times)

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G Hughes Smokehouse BBQ Sauce
« on: April 05, 2019, 01:29:17 PM »

Being lazy, I looked for a commercial "sugar free" BBQ sauce.  Turns out G. Hughes Smokehouse has 3 flavors carried at my local Walmart, but has others.   Original, Maple/bacon & Hickory at Walmart.  Also has Honey and Mesquite flavored.  I bought the Original.  2 carbs per 2 Tbs serving.

G. Hughes uses Sucralose to artificially sweeten these sauces.  I read the thread on artificial sweeteners, but as I am not on a 100% Keto diet, and the amount in this sauce and my diet is very, very low, I am not concerned.  Others may find the Sucralose undesirable.

The Original is strongly tomato-based with a good hint of onion and some mild spices.  It says it has smoke flavor added, but I did not really notice that - a good thing in my mind as I do not like the strong, hickory-flavored liquid smoke many products use.  This one tastes like a ketchup-based sauce, thus the "strongly tomato-based" comment from me.  I personally was fine with that, although I might kick the flavor up a bit by adding a little lemon juice and/or red pepper/cayenne/chili powder.

I would recommend with the caveat about the sweetener noted above.  As for the other flavors, well it will be a while before I need more sauce.  Hope this helps!